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"...moves along at a fantastic pace and is a hell of a blast to read...it was the quickest 324 pages I have ever read. I read it in two nights, I could not put it down. I kept saying to myself I will stop after this chapter, but I couldn't. This was a guilty pleasure that really reaffirmed to me how much fun reading can be. Once you start reading Scavenger Hunt you will not be able to put it down, it is that good and that much fun to read. You just have to know what is going to happen next, which I am sure was the authors intent and they pulled it off beautifully...If you are a reality TV fan you will absolutely love this book, if you are not a reality TV fan like myself you will still absolutely love this book and I highly recommend it."
Famous Monsters of Filmland

"...This is an intense and brutal ride. Little is obviously a master of his craft...Littleís characters are 100% rock solid, giving the reader more to latch onto, but also making it that much harder to watch as they face excruciatingly terrifying trials and tribulations...His power to deceive the reader into thinking on a different path is brilliant...packed with so much action and so much stress, itís damned near impossible to come away from this without losing oneís breath...The prose here is beautiful. Iím now a John Little fan, through and through."
Dreadful Tales
"Ursa Major is the most brutal and unrelenting story I've yet read by John...The story becomes an exercise in grueling terror and suspense...Yet this is no mere tale of survival in the wild. John Little's fiction is never that simple. He examines the lives and personalities of his human characters, and he shares with the reader the backgrounds of the family. He get us in their heads and it's a beautiful, yet horrifying place...Ursa Major is a departure for John Little to some degree, but it follows in the footsteps of his other work with its careful prose and genuine emotion...some of the best writing that the genre currently has to offer."
Horror Drive-In

"...in his excellent new novella, Dreams in Black and White, he further cements his growing reputation as something of the go-to guy when it comes to time-slip fiction...Dreams in Black and White is another strong addition to the Little catalog Ė a blend of superior storytelling, beauty amidst gut-wrenching heartbreak, and the powerful bonds of our human connections that will leave your stomach in knots and a tear in your eye."
Vince A. Liaguno, Dark Scribe Magazine
"...phenomenal. Little never disappoints and this is one of his best...As always, John deals with larger issues than the bare bones of a plot. This story has pointed observations about family and loss. The isolated emotions of an artist. Fate and coincidence. Fatal human mistakes and redemption. And yes, the very nature of human life and consciousness. Fifty bucks is a lot to ask for a novella, but this is a gorgeously produced book, with lavish illustrations by Zach McCain. There's also a thoughtful introduction by James Newman and a revealing Afterword by the author."
Mark Sieber, Horror Drive-In

"...the most stunning thing of its kind to come along since Billy Pilgrim came unstuck in time in that famous book from a long time ago...John Little transcends genre, as writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Jorge Luis Borges and Harlan Ellison do...he deserves the biggest audience possible."
Horror Drive-In
"The Gray Zone is yet another must-read novella from John R. Little, an author who is (arguably) one of the finest writers in the genre today. Don't miss this."
Horror Fiction Review
"...nobody does this kind of story better than John R. Little...Little gives us Henryís life story in a series of beautifully-written chapters...horrifying and heartbreaking...Itís a testament to the fine writing in The Gray Zone that the story has lingered with me for days. Whether you call The Gray Zone horror, SF or fantasy doesnít matter. The only thing that counts is that itís one of the most powerful and terrifying pieces of fiction in recent memory."
Horror World
"With his well-drawn characters dancing to his insane-like-a-fox, highly original beat, Little pulls the reader through hoops only dreamed of by lesser writers...John Little has written a minor masterpiece with Miranda...a brilliant novella that makes a reader think...this, like all great works, will remain with the reader for a long, long time...be prepared to be leveled, to have your emotions tested and the nuts of your soul drop-kicked. Another winner from a writer who just gets better and better with this, his most challenging book, to date."
Cemetery Dance
"...one of the best of the year...amazingly inventive, and incredibly moving...a wonderful feat."
Dark Discoveries
"...brilliant...packs quite an emotional wallop. Littleís prose is crisp and lean, avoiding the stylistic excesses the philosophical subject matter would inspire in lesser writers without sacrificing an ounce of poignancy...Miranda is nothing short of a marvel in its simplicity. That Little can imbue his straightforward premise with such subtle complexity and insight into the human condition is one of the literary accomplishments of the year."
Dark Scribe
"...a unique and fantastic new novella...Miranda is itself a very brilliant and original imaging of a "slipstream" story, but it is also a beautiful and moving love story and philosophical inquiry as to man, consciousness, and the need for companionship that is a bit reminiscent of Daniel Keyes' justly famous, Flowers For Algernon...is a literal tour de force of authorial brilliance...The end result is that Miranda is one of the most singularly intense and captivating novellas that a reader will ever experience. This is writing at its finest..."
"...if you donít want to blubber like a baby at the end, then please, donít read this book! If you donít want to be downright haunted by a plot that allows for no escape, no happy endings, and no Deus Ex-Machina to make if all better, do NOT read this book!...Little is a clever writer: he knows exactly how to condense a story down to its bare bones, and yet still give it a life that breathes and jumps. You will feel Michaelís fear, his pain, and finally his loss...Miranda may be one of the most perfect books Iíve read in the small press in a damn long time, folks. This is exactly what a well written story should do: it makes you feel something, it forces you to think, to anticipate, and finally, to struggle with its inherent puzzles and pain."
"Miranda is a sad, moving tale of a man who finds himself largely estranged from the world around him...an honest, moving story with two primary characters you ultimately learn to care about...it's a satisfying read."
"Brilliant. Amazing. Astonishing...I am in awe of this novella. It kicked my ass and left me feeling disoriented and more than a bit lost. It's rare that a piece of fiction can do this to me.
Horror Drive-In
"This here's the real deal. Deep, thought-provoking originality that you'll read through at a breakneck pace. I thought Little had set the bar too high last time, but Miranda places it up there with the best in the genre."
Horror Fiction Review
"Miranda is not truly a horror novel but nor is it a science fiction. It is a fine blending of the two, not an easy feat by any means, but Little pulls it off admirably...highly recommended."
Horror World
Placeholders confirms my suspicion that John R. Little is the ďLostĒ generationís answer to Jack Finney; this intelligent, beautifully-structured, and often deeply-moving novelette is full of surprises, is endlessly inventive, and steers refreshingly clear of the usual tired cliches associated with time-travel stories Ė though to call Placeholders a simple time-travel story is to do a great injustice to this tidy mind-bender. Sit back and let John R. Little take you on a splendid journey Ė and watch out for the last scenes; you never see it coming."
Gary A. Braunbeck
"John R. Littleís Placeholders is a strange, mind-bending trip that opens with a blow to the solar plexus that leaves the reader gasping for breath. Little is a wildly talented writer whose writing is matched only by his extraordinary imagination."
Ray Garton
"I want you to experience the sprinkling of the clues, of John's masterful storytelling abilities as he leads you to the realizations of what's happening...purely great storytelling...ups the ante for those of us who care about the written word, the phantasmagoric, and being able to not only tell a story but paint a portrait of emotion that runs the gamut in a short period of time."
"...Placeholders disturbed me. Profoundly so, at some points in the book. Yet despite the grisly, horrifying and brutal scenes, this is not a completely nihilistic tale. John's own essential decency is the essence of Placeholders. It's a Hellish ride, but I felt uplifted by the end."
Horror Drive-In
"Dear Mr. Little, thank you! †A fresh idea, presented in an intriguing light, with robust atmosphere and full-bodied characters...End result? †5 beautiful stars..."
"This is a tough story to pigeonhole (and that's a good thing), it's part horror, part science fiction, part history lesson and part love story. The writing is crisp, economical and engaging...this is a story that will stay will you long after you turn the last page."
Horror World
"Placeholders is unique. I haven't read a story quite like it before. It's fast, it's short and it's intense as all hell. Now you know by now that I'm not giving you anything beyond the book description above, and if you don't know that by now, you haven't been paying attention. That said, damn, I feel humbled. From beginning to end, Placeholders grabs you by the throat and holds on tightly...one of the finest pieces of fiction I have seen come down the pipeline in the last few years. I am delighted and thrilled by and just slightly in awe of Placeholders. I simply can't recommend it enough."
James A. Moore
"...The story is fast-paced with short chapters broken into small capsules of time. The realistic themes in the underlying plot are well-handled, not overwhelming the reader while at the same time giving enough detail to illustrate a concise depiction of the action. Little's command of prose is tight and straight-forward; he writes exactly what he means, leaving almost no room for speculation except for the questions found within the narrator himself. I wouldn't be surprised to find The Memory Tree on different nominee lists for 2007 Best First Novel."
Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest
"Little's elegantly crafted, stripped-down prose sustains a quietly powerful meditation on the ghosts of memory and will appeal to anyone harboring a secret yen to exorcise childhood demons."
"John R. Little achieves something rare and wondrous with The Memory Tree -- he simultaneously moves, terrifies, and strikes awe in the reader.† He tackles the largest and most deeply personal of themes in the intimate voice of someone whispering in a dark confessional, and the result is a novel that can rightfully take its place alongside the work of Rod Serling, Jack Finney, and Richard Matheson -- a time-travel story without gadgets or gimmicks; instead there is wonder, and grace, and fear, and humanity so deep one nearly drowns in its tides.† Writers work their entire lives in the hopes of one day producing something this astonishing.† The Memory is a† privilege to experience.† I don't think a finer first novel will appear this year."
Gary A. Braunbeck
"With not a word wasted, Little seamlessly weaves a tale of love, family, filthy secrets, murder, and child abuse so effortlessly I was in a state of awe...A well-crafted and self-assured debut..."
Cemetery Dance
"...a very interesting look at how our memories are shaped and how they can often be clouded...This definitely isnít your average potboiler, but a book that will make you take a look at yourself. A wonderful debut and highly recommended."
Dark Discoveries
"The pacing, the craftsmanship, the prose- this is a novel that lends itself to being read in one sitting. Little knows the importance of keeping the reader guessing...The Memory Tree puts Little at the top of my watch list for fresh new voices..."
"John R. Littleís The Memory Tree is not only the first great debut of 2007, but one of the deepest, oddly-darkest novels Iíve read in quite some time...Make plans to take a trip down The Memory Tree--a novel that blends latent scifi with human-monster horrors seldom seen outside of a Jack Ketchum novel. First novels rarely pack this much punch."
Horror Fiction Review
"...The Memory Tree is a gentle and touching debut novel from John R. Little. He writes in a hypnotic manner with a clarity and directness that captures the emotional beats of the moment beautifully...masterfully explore(s) the emotional ramifications of self discovery in this well crafted tale."
Horror Reader
"John R. Little weaves a compelling tale of second chances and the tricks that memory can play on us. Little's prose is tight, and well put together. He knows well in advance where he wants to take you, and he does so with great style and finesse. The themes he delves into are well-handled without becoming exploitative, which could happen easily in the hands of a lesser writer...Fans of Ray Bradbury may find some similarity in style here, but John Little is definitely a writer with his own unique way to tell a story. The Memory Tree is very highly recommended!"
Horror World
"The Memory Tree is a journey unlike any I have ever taken before.† This masterful novel by John R. Little is brutally disturbing and, yet at the same time, tenderly poignant. The character of Sam Ellis -- both young and old -- shall remain with me for a very long time."
Ronald Kelly
"John R. Little is another new writer for me, and a good one...But I loved how John Little brought the blue-collar lives of small town characters to life. And how he showed that while it might have been a simpler time back then, people are always complicated. I always appreciate a good time travel story, no matter how the travelling takes place, and if you give this a try, I think youíll like it too."
Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
"The Memory Tree is a beautifully written and well-plotted story.† John R. Little simply blows away a whole generation of new writers who think good writing and storytelling is measured by the volume of bodily fluids being spilled.† Not here.† Little deals in real emotions and the unconscious tortures we all endure.† Simply put: this is a great debut novel."
Thomas F. Monteleone